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Pun for 03/09/05

Dear Pungents, I’m in a group of 12 girlfriends (in their 30′s and 40′s) who meet monthly to do some interesting themed activity or learn fun new things like scrapbooking, wreath-making at Christmas, etc. We need a name for our group; we meet once a month, and we are women, but please don’t use PMS or anything similar in the title! ~ Cindy, Duncan, BC


1) The Genial Estrogenies

2) The Galcoholics (Galcoholics Eponymous?)

3) The Duncan Women’s Club: Friends, Fun, and Lifelong Mammaries

4) Pack of Chicklets

5) The No-guys-collage-ists! ['gynecologists' - sorry!]rry!]

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