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Pun for 12/31/13

PUN ON DEMAND: GURilla Warfare

Dear Pun Gents, my friend Matt and I are entered into the Great Urban Race in Toronto and need a team name. Please help! We are from Calgary, Alberta so any pun about East vs West or with Great Urban Race would be awesome. ~Leanne, Calgary

  1. LilChuck from the Prairies (Little House on the Prairies)
  2. GURilla Warfare
  3. GURillas
  4. Oil Be Back
  5. The Best Westerners
  6. First Lasso
  7. Lasso to First Place
  8. City-City Bang Bang
  9. GURonimo
  10. Rockies Roadsters
  11. Cow Eats Hog
  12. Nenshi Ninjas
  13. Don’t Nenshi It
  14. Road Rodeo
  15. Gorge Cluenies
  16. Race in the Hole
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