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Pun for 01/04/17

Dear Pun Gents, I need a derby name: red hair, Irish descent – lived in Brazil growing up. Own a jeep, play volleyball and work as a lab technologist in genetics (science nerd). Love horror movies, heavy rock and alternative. ~Sara, Oshawa, Ont.


  1. Red Baroness
  2. Jeep Trixie [Cheap Trick]
  3. Jean Splicer [Gene splicer]
  4. Gene and Juice
  5. Brain Gingery [Brain Injury]
  6. Red Dawn
  7. Redditor
  8. Volleyanna [pollyanna]
  9. Horrora Storm [Aurora Storm - from the X-men]
  10. AC Daisy [AC/DC]
  11. Eirestotle
  12. Emerald Isla
  13. Brazil Dazzle
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