Agnes - fecetious filly

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About Agnes
Agnes is one of the Gents' biggest fans, as well as the muse/fiancee of Pun Gent Rhain. She definitely isn't monkeying around; she spends her days and nights pursuing her PhD in anthropology at the University of Toronto. She doesn't respect authority, so don't expect her to say "aye-aye" when you meet her. While life is generally good, she sometimes wishes someone would just throw her a bonobo, so she doesn't have to drown her sorrows in saki whenever she feels like gibbon up.

Agnes' faves
turn-ons: "Rhesus pieces, nerds, Taq."
"Monkeys throwing capuchin at me, titi bars."
favourite things to do: "Hang out with Pun Gent Rhain (my prime mate), read Dawkins."
hopes and dreams: "'To be a revolutionary biologist."

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