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About Amy
Meet Amy, 23, East Coaster extraordinaire! The 5'6" phenom loves puns because "They're like the mom-n-pop shop of jokes," she says; "they're so home-spun." Ouch! Hailing from Quispamsis, N.B., just outside Saint John, Amy got her BA(H) in Theatre at Dalhousie, down by Halifax way. She then did musical- and children's theatre all over Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, before finally moving to Toronto to catch her big break. The thrill-seeking thespian loves the big city, but admits finding work in her field can be a challenge. "I guess I'm just a little fish, in a big pond," she says, "however - at least I can dance 'the worm'..." Yowzah! The way you lure us in, Amy - consider us hooked.

Amy's faves
another reason she loves puns: "because they taste great. Oh wait, that's buttermilk waffles. Yeah, waffles are terrific."
"I'm a sucker for proper punctuation, great beer, nice eyes and a crackling campfire."
turn-offs: "unnecessary use of quotations - that's so 'annoying'; also, smelly feet, cockiness and bad hair"
favourite things: "Acting up and out; exploring Toronto; reading and brunch; watching the cuties on the weather network - I like warm fronts and hot rears!"
hopes and dreams: "I hope that one day my hard work will pay off and I can call myself a successful, working actor. I'd also like change for a ten. You got change for a ten?"
Catch Amy in: Puzzled Man by Julia Lederer, playing March 8-11 at the Canstage New Ideas Festival in Toronto.

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