Ashley - On Stage, She Breaks a Keg

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About Ashley
Ashley is an actor who likes beer. As a child, she could barley contain her hops and dreams to perform. Any scripts she found--even first draughts--excited her as she pitchered acting alone, or with a full cask of actors. Especially fond of Shakespeare, some of Ashley's favorite quotes include, "Et tu, brews!", "Stout, stout, yeast caramel! The pint's but a malting shadow, a poured pitcher that skunks and ferments the sour from the keg and then has head no more","Friends, aromas, carbonation, lend me your beers; I came to buy a Caesar, but the prices!", and, "The port of true love never did tun smooth." Of course, these are hard to read if you don't understand Lambic pentameter.

Ashley's faves
Her love of puns: "Punnery is my litmus test for a person's cool factor. So many of my friendships are based on people's ability to aciduously engage in pun battles, which I usually win (woot!)"
turn-ons: "I really like yachting, despite all the forboating hardships it can entail"
"I think that ungracious people are the rude of all evil."
favourite things: "I love beer. My ever-flowering passion for brewskies is an edelvice that can sometimes get the best of me."
hopes and dreams: "Someday, I hope to be filthy rich. And I don't care how looticrous that sounds."

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