Cate - intrepid insectophile

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About Cate
Cate is a 23-year-old graduate student studying entomology at the University of Toronto. She is a multi-sport athlete, with considerable skills in cycling, long-distance running, fencing and rowing.

With regard to punning, she claims that she "wasn't originally a big fan but constant exposure to punning seems to have resulted in some kind of adaptation. Now I can hardly get enough!" The Gents found that it certainly didn't require much bugging to get her to pose; in fact she couldn't have been a better model!

Cate's long-term plans include becoming an eminent scientist and winning the Boston Marathon. Judging by her punshine photo, she could add high jumping to her resumé!

Cate's faves
she adores:
"rearing insects, riding her bike and cleaning out the insectarium"
turn-offs: "those who think that all insects are bugs, when only a select few are classified as such "
turn-ons: "scrabble, insect-rearing, people who know what "aphoristic" means, hissing cockroaches"
in punning and insects: "The light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming Lampyridae!"

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