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About Cheesie
Look who briezed into town - our cutey Kuala bear! And she's definitely above-par-mesan. Yes, Cheesie is cheese-media magnate who paid the Gents a curdesy call from the her South Pacific home of Seremban. The 22-year old just graduated from Limkokwing University majoring in journalism. Man she breaks the mold! Looking to milk her mark online, Cheesie puns it up at, and shares her swissdom with the world. Cheesie we need more daring, dairying Punshines like you. The more cheddar, the better!

Cheesie's faves
why she loves puns: "They're kind of punny."
"a Rodrigo Santoro lookalike. Served on toast, melted, please."
"jam (especially the one you spread on the road)"
favourite things to do: "I believe in gastronomy therapy, though sometimes I might commit one too many crime brulee. I have a love-ate relationship with cheese. I'm rabid about rarebits too."
hopes and dreams: "I want to be the first spokescheese for a dairy company!"
her motto: "I don't cry over spilled milk. I sit beside and watch it curdle and form cheese."
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