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About Emily C
Meet this 24-year-old Miss from Mississauga! Maybe you've seen clips of her exposed 'double helix' on YouTestTube? Or how bout when she let her cover slip? That's Emily, the hot and genial online geneticist who has tongues wagging and censors screeching. Besides strutting her D'n'A on Pungents.com. this Mendelian mama has a Biology B.Sc and is starting an M.Sc in molecular anthropology. Like the wonderful Heidi, Emily is native to Prince Edward Island - a plentiful PunShine playground. She loves puns because, as she exclaims, 'They're so punny!' Argh. Emily, that is truly awful. How we love you.

Emily's faves
turn-ons: "shakin my thing in my recessive jeans; romantic ecstasy; world peace (or its nearest approximation... Canada does a good job)."
"body odour; men that lift less weight than me at the gym; slow walking people; semicolons and umlauts."
favourite things to do: "ROWING!!! snowboarding, biking, reading, long walks on the beach; shopping in 'Punnet Square'; making palindromes out of skittles."
hopes and dreams: "I've always wanted to be a geneticist. And row in the Olympics. I also aspire to be a Pun-up Girl!'"

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