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About Erin
From Grease to Greece, she's into jazz and the classics! Erin, 26, is a west-coast wonder who moved all the way from Vancouver Island to study jazz performance at York U, and then not-for-profit marketing at Waterloo. The 5'6" spitfire is now raising cash for a major Ontario museum - and raising eyebrows with her sass! With such sweet-voiced verbosity, this architectural angel is a pillar of PunGency. Whoever she ends up with, we'd column a lucky guy! Please Erin, don't give us the shaft!

Erin's faves
"puke-yellow togas, propeller beanies, onomatopoeia (esp. 'bzzzzzzzz'), Ancient Greece, feta cheese"
turn-offs: "when photographers are afraid to push me to the limit. Thank goodness for the Gents!"
why she loves puns: "Um, I love puns?"
a few favourite things: "Besides tearing down lost pet posters and drug-dealing in the local playground? Reading, music listening & making, building finger-calluses for my new guitar, looking for hand-written signs, watching crazy people on the subway, having brunch at Ch‚teau NÓce."

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