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About Heidi
Heidi ho! Meet our first ever long distance lass, the 23-year-old Heidi, 'Shining all the way from Prince Edward Island. Yowzah! The potato-loving prodigy auditioned via the Punshine Virtual Casting Couch, and with the chips down, Heidi left us speechless; in fact, we could only spudder! The recent grad of Queen's film/English is a beauteous barnstormer who simply is not cowed, and hay - she doesn't take bull either. "As a film major who grew up near farms," she says, "I do love moo-vies." Wow Heidi, you sure know how to milk a pun!

Heidi's faves
why she loves puns: "I am a masochist who gets pleasure from pun-ishment."
"My biggest turn-on has got to be palindromes."
favourite things: "kayaking, pull-ups, listening to Abba."
summer job: "I've been working as the beer cart girl at a golf course... I know, golf - it's so iron-ic."
hopes and dreams:
"to invent something as revolutionary as the ceiling fan."
favourite bilingual pun: "'My two cats, Onetwothree and Unedeuxtrois fell into a lake. Onetwothree drowned, and Unedeuxtrois cat sank."

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