Jen - athlete esthete

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About Jen
Like most of our models, Jen was drunk when she agreed to become a PunShine. "I love puns," she said, "just like I love you, Mr. Bartender! Oh, I love everything!" The 30-year-old vixen has degrees in Chemistry and PhysEd from Queen's. A nonstop physical dynamo, Jen rocks the streets of Toronto on top of 'Mr. Peterson', her robust two-wheeled ride. This action-packed prodigy is also a three-career cutie: dancer, fitness trainer and after-hours bartender. "I'm actually a professional loafer," she says, "and no - I don't mean baker; they make more dough!" Yowzah. Jen loves brunch, insightful commentary, and (probably) Pez!

Jen's faves
turn-ons: "jumping, striding, twirling, words that end in -iferous"
"a boy who's got more klutz than lutz in him; when I have to dance and I just ate an entire rack of ribs. I'm gonna hurl from all that spinnin'!"
favourite things to do: "anything to do with moving - I'm super kinetic. "
hopes and dreams: "to feel good about posing on the Internet again someday. Also, become an internationally famous chemist, like, um, the other famous chemists... who do exist."
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