Jenny - classy classroom Cassandra

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About Jenny
Hands up for datention? Hoo-ha! Meet Jenny, 29, an ebullient elementery school teacher who's giving us a Punshine lecture to expand our minds and shorten our breath! Before attending teacher's college at the University of Western Ontario this instructional sphinx excelled in both French and English studies at Western. Shazam shazak! - nous sommes blown away! Ever the educational opportunist, Jenny shockingly confesses "I actually don't love puns... I'm just doing this for the pun-blicity." Sweet cocky chalkboards, Jenny - you sure know how to rile up a Gent!

Jenny's faves
"boys with sharpies, blunt-edge scissors, naptime; also I'm very fond of 'ish' "
"boys who eat paste, cooties"
favourites things to do: "pretend I don't know how to cook; use the word 'retarded', because it makes people feel uncomfortable. Also, I like to play with glitter and stickers."
thoughts on being a Punshine:
"It's hot."
hopes and dreams: "Is it naptime yet?"

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