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About Jess
Yes yes yes, clear the floor, it's Princess Jess! Haha - or is it the Jess-ter? Our latest 'Shine is a 5'5" hip-hop-loving dance-diva who loves puns but admits "I'm actually less into wordplay, and more into swordplay." Touché to that! "And yet, I prefer lovers over fighters." Olé olé. This dangerous Delilah, age 27, studied Psychology at York and then creative advertising at Seneca, before leaving the hemisphere to go wandering in Australia. But back now and better than ever, the bodacious bibliophile is a publicist for a Toronto-based children's press. Holy Harry and Hermione - a fondness for children? Michael Jackson look out - you're not the only one knows how to dance!

Jess' faves
favourite things:
"food (cooking and eating), music (listening, playing, dancing to it) and books - particularly children's of course."
turn-ons/offs: "a good speller is a turn-on; conversely a bad speller is a huge pet peeve. Also, I'm definitely NOT a morning person. If you wake me up before the sun is up, I'll kick you where the sun don't shine!"
why she loves puns: "Puns remind me of my dad. He makes the worst puns ever. The same ones over and over and over again. *groan* That's okay dad; love ya!"
hopes and dreams: "short term? take hip-hop classes; have a good time out this weekend. Long term hopes and dreams: own my own kids press; travel to far off places, and find a cure for my many food allergies."

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