Jessica - Sapphic seductress

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About Jessica
Meet the gemlike Jessica, who enjoys spicy conversation seasoned with Pun Gent wit. "When it comes to jokes," the 23-year-old says, "I believe fortune favours the knave." And how! This bedimpled dynamo longs to change the world - and with more than just puns: she's currently at York U for a Masters of Environmental Studies and Urban Planning - so look out world! Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta - aka Cowtown - the 5'5" filly is, ironically, a vegetarian: "I'd rather bludgeon a cow with puns," she quips, "than with a meat grinder!" Ha ha. Boy that Jessica - can she ever dish it!

Jessica's faves
"leaky fountain pens; people who say 'y'all'"
turn-ons: "girls in high-top sneakers; right-brained thinking"
how she deals with stress: "what else - dance the night away!"
confession: "I'm better at appreciating puns than I am at actually making them!" [Oh Jessica, we beg to differ!]
career goal:
"urban planner. Or rockstar. Or - a Bavarian countess/rockstar!"

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