John - long distance punner

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About John
Meet John - our first ever P.B. man-wich! A runner, writer and professor who puts the 'stud' back in study, John loves puns because "they make learning the language so much more entertaining." No doubt about it! When not teaching English at Concordia University, the 27-year-old Montrealer is a MediaScout columnist for, and - busy fellow - somehow finds time to earn cash editing DVD subtitles! "Please, don't ask me if I work in pornography." Ha, more like pun-ography! A Concordia track coach, John maintains his Punshine shapeliness by competing in high-level meets all over North America. Wow. Our advice to potential groupies: catch him while you can!

John's faves
favourite Montreal Metro station:
"since I'm a runner - Prefontaine"
turn-ons: "muscular legs, muscular metaphors - in precisely that order "
turn-offs: "'it's/its' and 'there/their/they're' - if you confuse, you lose!"
best thing about being a Punshine Boy: "all-night Scrabble orgies with the Punshine Girls."
is happiest when... : "when I defeat my track opponents, using my jokes as well as my legs: my lactic acid wit makes them feel the 'burn'!"

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