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About Julia
They should call her Jewelia - 'cuz our latest Punshine is an absolute gem! Julia is a laughter-loving scholar whose love of puns is second only to her love of chicken fingers: "Too bad I can't dip puns in plum sauce," the 18-year-old says, "otherwise, I think they're great." Indeed! After accepting a spot at McGill for the Fall, this high-energy hottie will be studying Sciences... so maybe they should call her Joule-ia?? Yikes! Her dreams include "being successful, and figuring out why I have no top finger joints." Yowzah - whatever you say Miss J!

Julia's faves
"homemade Italian food, tropical vacations"
"mushrooms, bad eating habits"
punning observations:
"You can tell who really doesn't get them when they start laughing 10 minutes later after figuring them out - very funny."
why she wanted to be a Punshine: "I was approached over Easter by a maniac with a camera. Turns out he's related to me... you've got to support the family, I guess!"

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