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About Kathryn
What a stunner! Kathryn, 27, loves wild animals and big snakes. She also loves puns because "they're terrible and they make me laugh, like car crashes and people falling in sewers." Such saucy sadism! The 5'10" native of Sault-Ste-Marie, Ontario, yearns to roam the Earth. After graduating in psychology, creative advertising and communications from York U and Seneca College, Kathryn did marketing work for a travel conglomerate. Now our hep hottie's moving to Kenya to do web design and teach for a human rights org. Wow, Africa; one thing's for sure - this nubile nomad will be having unforgettable adventures in Bedouin!

Kathryn's faves
"brie cheese and all cheese-related paraphernalia - including cheesy jokes - also palindromes and forced rhymes"
"taking words too seriously; people who're afraid to travel - what's with you losers?"
favourites things to do: "games, scavenger hunts, anything competitive; also, planning parties, vacations, what to eat for dinner etc. I'm a planner!"
hopes and dreams: "to be the first Punshine girl to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro; to see a giraffe on my way to work"
why she wanted to be a Punshine: "I heard rumours that Pat and Rhain cook you breakfast if you pose for them. I was all over those apple-cinnamon pancakes!"

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