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About Katie
This 25-year-old Toronto-by-way-of-Peterborough dynamo enjoys a hearty Sunday brunch and kicks punning ass. Just like a well-cooked brekkie, Katie eats up the puns because "they bring home the bacon and fry it in the pan!" Eggsactly. A mathematical mama, Katie crunches the digits just as proficiently as the abdominals: with a Math/Stats degree from Queen's under her belt, she's now completing her MMPA at the University of Toronto. Such a numerical nymph! No surprise that this calculating coolio was such an easy audition for Punshines - b/c when it came to her dishy style there was plenty of accounting for taste!

Katie's faves

turn-ons: "any cereal with 'bran' in the title, classical guitars, well-straightened hair"
turn-offs: "hearing the 'cowbell' line from 'Honky Tonk Women' played incorrectly; rosemary, humidity"
hopes and dreams:
"to bear and raise the child of Canadian alt-country legend Jim Cuddy"
best thing about being a Punshine: "its potential to aid in attaining said dreams"
advice to aspiring Punshines: "getting rid of my couch was the best thing to happen to me; abs like these are inevitable when the floor is your only option!"

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