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About Loretta
Hailing from Unionville, Ontario - "don't call it Onionville" - Loretta's lightning zingers make us cry. The 28-year-old loves puns, she says, because "post-pun groans are the most satisfying." My oh my! A graduate from the Queen's University film program, this cinematic cogniscenta currently raises money for a modern dance company, and moonlights at an upscale Toronto eatery. Though Loretta's never short on wordplay, the 5'2" sprite stands PunShine petite: "That's 4466 agates," the ex-newspaperwoman says re her height, "which sounds more impressive!" Easy on the tech-talk Loretta - we're not that smart!

Loretta's faves
"body stubble, incontinence'"
turn-ons: "pork fat, trombones, Baker Signet font (notice the diamond-shaped dots over the is and js, and the dramatic descent of the Q’s tail below the baseline), proficient Bat’leth skills"
favourite sound: "kitten purrs."
why she wanted to be a PunShine girl: "No choice, really. I was held at clownpoint."
most likely pun-related demise:
"an accidental cat-laxative overdose - where I end up on a mountain of poop, hoisted by my own pet-turd."

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