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About Marie
Sweet Marie - what eye-candy! Or maybe it's ewe-candy? Ouch!... Punshiney pageantry personified - that's Ms Marie, aka Miss Toronto 2004, a bona fide beauty queen and regional finalist for Miss World Canada. Personally, we'd judge this congenial genie as out of this world - but we're not the ones doling out tiaras. Marie came to Toronto by way of Prince Edward Island, but not before getting a B.Mus in voice and opera at Mount Allison University in Sackville, N.B. Now the 5'9", 25-year-old supertalent works raising cash for a premiere Toronto concert hall. Talk about money in the bank! She loves puns because "they're the underdog of the comedy world. And like me, they're so misunderstood." What's that, Marie - everything you utter is incomprehensible to those around you?? Ma'am, the Gents know what that's like!

Marie's faves
turn-ons: "big on euphemism. Looove to euphemism. Instead of 'I've had enough to eat' I'll say 'I've had an elegant sufficiency'.... Also, fried chicken franchises - love those sweatshop chickens."
"American spelling; anybody more loquacious than I - can't handle competition; and I would say smelly feet, but I've learned to be tolerant."
favourite things: "video games, walking around Toronto, writing in my blog; waxing political and waxing my moustache; and writing to politicans, even though they never write back."
hopes and dreams: "When I was 14, I wrote in my yearbook that I wanted to be Queen of the World. You know, for lack of anything better to do.... Now, I'd just like some Dairy Queen."

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