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About Mariza
Grab your dictionary, scan your thesaurus - 'cause when it comes to Mariza words fail us! This 27-year-old Greek goddess peruses a different kind of book, however - cookbooks! Yes, the tasty Torontonian has a penchant for fab food and fast phrases - in that order: "I've got a great idea for a restaurant," says the York communications grad,"and there's sure to be a killer pun in the name!" You go, girl! Mariza works hard raising cash for the opera - but, if you ask the Gents, it's wordplay where she really hits the high notes! Ah, Mariza and puns - music to our ears!

Mariza's faves
"knock-knock jokes. next time someone tells me one of those, I'll offer them a knockle sandwich... also - picky eaters"
turn-ons: "kosher salt and bacon, politics and acoustic guitar - two awesome combos "
best thing about being a PunShine Girl: "all the complimentary Pun Gents fridge-magnets a girl could want"
confession: "I actually like regular plays on words as much as - perhaps even more than - pure puns." [Hey cool your jets, Mariza - keep that one under wraps!]
advice to aspiring punsters : "mucus puns? solid gold."

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