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About Mel
Sweet card-iac arrest, it's Mel aka the queen of hearts... or - is she queen of clubs? Each weekend without fail our 28-year-old dashchund-diva shuffles onto the dance-deck for pure animal fun. "I'm a party girl," the 5'5" phenom explains, "I just love to party." Too true! When Mel brought out Abner - her favourite wiener - the doggy-stylin' duo had the Gents howling. Bow wow! After a history/political science degree from Guelph, this Punshine now busts a move as publicist for a high-profile book company. The luscious litterata admits that "I secretly love puns... very, very secretly." As for her furry friend? "Well," says Mel, "Abner's had a ruff life - and let's just say puns have gotten him through some ruff times." Oh Mel - you two can bark up our tree anytime!

Their faves
Mel's turn-ons: "attention - lots of attention; not using capitals in e-mails - I'm not a 'capitalist'; a good snuggle; good dancers; deep house music; guys who wear cologne"
turn-offs: "bad breath; bad style; bad shoes; people who mix up 'are'/'our' or 'your'/'you're'; the word 'panties' (they're underwear!)"
faves: "dancing; white wine on a friday evening; hanging out with friends, chai lattes, travelling; and I love eating meat (any kind of meat) - a steak once made me cry because it was so delicious!"
hopes and dreams: "to be the best publicist i can be; to one day not be a publicist; maybe, just maybe, do a ph.D in History (Latin American); I'd also like to one day have a house, a nice car (as opposed to my rusty '94 Cavalier), and a washer/dryer (I love laundry - don't ask)"

Abner's turn-ons:
"attention - lots of attention; his stuffed dachshund"
"being alone; being alone in his crate"
faves: "hanging out with his owner; snuggling; licking faces (and his, um, 'boys'); 'dashchund' through the snow; eating 'pup-erettes'"
hopes and dreams: "to eat people food...lots of it."

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