Sandra - suggestive jester

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About Sandra
Sandra is a 28-year-old sphinx whose words to live by are "work smart, play hard, love Love". This 5'8" brunette bombshell is a smart-as-a-whip grad of Queen's geography and development studies program. "I'm into the three Rs," she says, "reading, writing, and now as a Punshine, I guess I'm into... riddlin'?" Correctamundo! A geopolitical juggernaut, Sandra worked several years in business development before a head-spinning career change; she's now managing the launch of Marciano, a high-end women' s clothing store in downtown Toronto! With miles and miles of style, Sandra is always dressed to the nines. "But I'm not high-maintenance," she says, "I'm just well-maintained!" Oh Sandra, we couldn't agree more!

Sandra's faves
she loves...:
"running, friends, Indian food, chocolate martinis, and Sex and the City. And Lucy. "
turn-offs: "when someone doesn't understand a geography pun"
turn-ons: "anyone who can make me laugh"
in punning, and in life: "it's quality, not quantity, that matters. Perhaps the Gents would disagree?"

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