Sara - fiery enigma

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About Sara
Sara, 26, is a pulchritudinous punstress whose red-hot fashion belies her red-hot wit. The 5'11" pun-up model from Orillia, Ontario, loves puns "because of the incredible joy they bring to the Pun Gents." Having studied both English and French at Queen's and Laval universities, this two-tongued riddler can fling the bilingual bling. While she has dreams of opening her own all-chutney restaurant in the city, Sara also moonlights as a saleswoman. Hey Sara, forget the chutney - let's make a deal!

Sara's faves
"red - naturally "
bands: "I like my music like I like my Volkswagens: Beatles... Is that a pun? "
favourite French verb tense: "the conditional"
"jerky jerks, when people have gum in their hair "
turn-ons: "familiarity with a dictionary, yellow socks "
why she wanted to be a Punshine Girl: "Some weirdo with a camera approached me at a party - isn't that how most girls get into punography?"

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