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About Talia
Eye Talia! This 26-year-old bouncing babe knows how to kick some math. She got a BScH and MSc in Mathematics at Queen's, before moving to the States to join the statistical savants. Now the 5'6" sas-machine is a technical consultant for a D.C.-based government contractor. "I love Washington," says Talia, "but I hate washing my hair!" Yikes. She adds, "I work in business intelligence, so that makes me feel smart... S.M.R.T!" Wow, I Talia -with this PunShine, we've pasta new level!

Talia's faves
why she loves puns: "because they help defuse gang violence... but, to be honest, I prefer a boy with a puncil in his pocket."
"going off on a tangent, and then taking it to the limit - I have a lot of calculust! also - food, dancing; slapstick; going on a hot data"
"sadomathichism; confused men; conceited jerks; moronic presidents"
favourite things: "dance; cook; chat, procrastinate; play hockey... on the rink, I'm the reTaliator!""
hopes and dreams: "to marry rich and marry often; peace in the Mideast; and right now, I'd like a litre of cola."
mamma drama?: "I try to date the occasional Jewish boy, to make my mom happy - she thinks Is rael good!"

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