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About Tasha
Pulchritudinous pedalling Petunia! Tasha is a 22-year-old flowerchild, yuk-raker and biker babe whose love of puns derives from their "harmonious blend of cleverness, cheesiness and wittiness." A fan of the cheese? That's too gouda to be true! This Niagara Falls native moved to Toronto three years ago and graduated from the Humber College comedy writing and performance program. When not cruising the hip downtown hotspots Tasha dreams of traveling the world as a successful funnywoman and photographer. You keep your eyes on the prize, Tasha - and that's no joke! Smokin'!

Tasha's faves
"brains, open minds, kind hearts and souls, creativity, spontaneity, originality, sense of humour"
turn-offs: "stupidity, ignorance, greed, egotism, jerks who drive cars, people who abuse authority, jerks in general and B.O."
a few favourite things: "I like to ride my BMX around the city like a bat out of hell, take photos, go on spontaneous adventures, talk to strangers, eat and talk about cheese, drink peach chardonnay, climb trees and play chess."

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