Tricia - fashion phenom

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About Tricia
Rapunzel, Rapunzel - let your hair down? Yowzah. We've had designs on our newest 'Shine for a while, but Tricia's got designs of her own! The 28-year-old stunner has been making clothes since she was 17 and selling for over six years via Revel Clothing, her personal line. After a fashion diploma from George Brown, Tricia's back at school in the U of T women's studies program. A classy country gal from St. Thomas, Ontario, we hope Tricia doesn't mind us chicken her out. "This summer I lived on a farm," she relates, "and I was repeatedly attacked by a rooster - until he met his demise!" Oh no, cock-a-doodle-die? Tricia, that's a son of a beak!

Tricia's faves
why she loves puns: "let's just say I have a punchant for silliness."
"poor grammar, nail-biting, aggressive cocks."
"early mornings, good dancers, deep sensuous kisses."
favourite things to do: "create beautiful clothing, laze in a hammock, ride my bike 'Gloria' around the metropolis; cook delicious food."
hopes and dreams: "teach fashion design and inspire others with my art; travel to obscure places; live on a farm and raise my very own chickens!"
buy her clothes at: Left Feet (Kensington Market, Toronto); the Hillside Festival in Guelph; her site

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