Puns on Demand Testimonials


“Thank you fine gents for pearlers every time.”

Rachael, Missouri 

“I can’t say enough good things about Pun Gents! I asked them to come up with a clever name for my etsy store with some reference to cats, they completely nailed it! I had been working with a Naming and Branding company that cost me a pretty penny, nothing they came up with was clever, witty or original. For twenty bucks and less than 24 hours Pun Gents solved my naming problem. Seriously the BEST $20 bucks I have ever spent!”

Bec, Texas 

“I was looking for a fun name for my health/weight loss blog. My favorite three submissions from the Pun Gents were already taken as domain names, so I requested a few more suggestions, and modifying my favorite submission, they gave me an awesome blog name! When Shed Happens was born.”

Erin, Dallas 

“Okay Webbins of mass distraction is freaking funny. I laughed out loud and it scared my husband because it rarely happens. I love it. You better copyright it and keep it on the dl before it becomes the next Call Me Maybe. Coin that phrase, Gents! Also, ‘suck the air out of your nose’ is hysterical. Good job. Best twenty bucks I’ve spent all day. They’re all really good. Really.”

Jean, Minnesota

“Quick feedback. Excellent suggestions. Super clever! Wish I were this talented. Will use again! A must for your next event/team name!”

Shelley B, Vernal 

“We are running a Ragnar race and one of our runners is in a wheelchair. Pun Gents gave us some “Wheely” great names to choose from. Will definitely call on them again for their expertise.”

Tiffanie, Tyler, Texas, USA 

“I asked Pun Gents to come up with a cheeky name for my ladies group. Go Ssip on Something was the winner out the many adorable, cheeky names they sent! We love our name! Thanks guys, you rock!”

Naomi (founder of Noise Pollution), Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA 

“There are many challenging things about starting an a cappella group, but perhaps the most challenging is finding a good pun with which to name the group. Our group struggled to find a name that spoke to our casual, non-audition nature and the fact that we were comprised entirely of environmental science students. We voted on our name and the submission we received from PunGents.com won easily and has been a hit with audiences ever since! Noise Pollution thanks you for your creativity!”