Now for a very special series: Our STI movie night! Caught on the big screen*, in HPV-D!


  • Warts of the World
  • Extraordinary Pimples
  • Gonorrhea in 60 Seconds, starring V.Diesel (an infectious horror show!)
  • Schindler’s Syphilist
  • Pus in Booty
  • The Quickie and The Dead
  • Sleeping with the Emnity
  • Star Whores Episode II: Attack of the Colons

Followed by a live performance of wandering menstruals!

*or catch it virally on YouTube

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Hear about that high-tech thriller, about a submarine crew that gets lost at sea due to extreme computer failure? It’s called DOS Boot. As the movie unfolds it’s clear that the vessel’s discipline was lax: not a mouse was stirring while some key bored personnel were in the washroom taking a FTP. The submarine was suddenly swamped by torrents of WAVs, and couldn’t make it to the dock. Windows were stupidly left open, resulting in an impossible Turing radius as they were overwhelmed by the C. It was a Unix situation, and as they twirled out into the ethernet the captain radioed the nearest B-52 Flying Fortran for help. “This hertz, Mac,” he cried. “It megahertz! I need a pier-to-pier transfer.” But due to BASIC errors and faulty navigation they could not find anchor, and crashed, leaving no possibility for a SQL.

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