Kim Jong-il was a big fan of Nuke Kids on the Bloc, and always warheads Nuke Kids tee-shirt, while listening in his bunker bed at night.  He loved hanging out with his cruise, which included George Bush, whom he called Doctor Death aka ‘Dubya, MD’. He went to the UN wearing a lot of  ‘Blix-blix‘ and said ‘Put your Hans in the air like you just don’t care’. He was there all night and El-Baradei. His actions, though far from disarming, definitely enriched heavy metal.

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When he was a young man Fidel Castro went to a Cuban psychic and asked if she could tell anything about him. The old woman looked at Fidel closely and declared, “You should avoid alcohol at all costs. Because when you are drunk I predict that you will make waves, overthrow governments, and stir up revolution!” She pointed at him, “So do not, under any circumstances, become inebriated!”

Well, El Commandante was put off. This was ridiculous:

“Me, a drunken revolutionary?” he replied, “that’s preposterous!” And he pointed a finger back, “Ma’am, you are a crook and a charlatan. Why, I don’t even believe in stupor-sedition!”

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