Dear Pungents, my brother Alan who lives in England turned 50 on May 10. A memorable pun might take his mind off me being late sending his card! He is very quiet until he has a few brews; his local pub is the Packet, which my dad and grandad went to as well. He is a huge Manchester United fan – can’t go to the games anymore because if they lose it puts him in a very bad mood. He’s currently in Egypt on a trip of a lifetime for his 50th; I don’t know if he heard an American has bought into his beloved team while he is away – can’t imagine that’ll make him happy – as much as he isn’t happy about turning 50. So give me a pun that will make him happy. Thanks! ~Yvonne, Oshawa, Ontario


1) “Good ol’ Alan – he’s the Man U can depend on!”

2) “First they lose #7, and now the whole team’s sold to the Yanks? What the Becks is going on! But don’t cry – there’s no need for soccer bawling!”

3) “As dad and grandad would say, age 50 is no time to Packet in!”

4) “We can’t make fun of you now that you’re 50 – you’re no longer in your for-tease!”

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