Calvin from Edmonton:

Calvin says, “A while back someone submitted a good one on Thessalonious Monk. I thought up a few more on jazz artists and thought it might inspire you to do a themed series on musicians/composers etc. btw, I love your site, if that isn’t already obvious to you.”

Q. Why was the jazz fan excited about seeing home movies of his favourite singer’s first year of life?
A. He wanted to see Diana crawl.

Avian jazz pianist from the Far East? Chick Korea.

What they said when people tried to match up a premier jazz vocalist of the mid-20th century with U.S. President Ford: “Ella fits Gerald.”

Did you know that Don Harron’s alter-ego is related to a bop alto-saxophonist who gained fame in the ’40s and ’50s? He’s Charlie Parker’s son.

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