Andrew from Dugald:
A dog sledder goes into the Home Depot in Whitehorse and asks an associate if he can get advice on his lead dog birthing puppies. The man in seasonal says: “But of course, that’s our motto: Yukon do it, we can whelp!”

Andrew says, “A perfect combination of a geographical pun and a supplier of mitre boxes. But, then, you might want Nunavut?”

What did the mechanic say when he had tuned up the Chevy Impala?
It runs like Gnu.

Why won’t the Mother Superior let the nuns wear push up bras?
She’s afraid they will be habit forming!

One of Joseph Stalin’s pet projects was the idea of collective farms and he was quite involved in breeding programs. He was very fond of light coloured cows, so much so, he would get rid of the darkest ones… about despot culling the cattle black.

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