Frank from Eldorado:
There is a guy in Africa who is kind of a folk hero there. His first Robin Hood-like act was when he gypt a convenience store owner of a Khartoum of smokes and gave them to his friends. First he was not caught, because he used Som alias. Later, when he was, he was so good at denile, that he was set free. The authorities knew that if they’d kept him in prison, the people would give them Al Giers. In Africa he con go wherever he wants and he always knows where to go. Rarely, when he is in trouble, he Suez for damages. His only handicap is that he has hemorrhoids, also known in Africa as limp popo.

A small airplane was flying over the Iberian Penisula. Suddenly a blinding rain storm caused the pilot to lose all his visual bearings and for the first time in his life, the pilot and the plane were hopelessly lost and ended up miles from its original destination.
In summary: The plane in Spain strays mainly in the rain.

Where do they keep cows that provide milk for the Egyptian Army?
In moo-barracks.

There have been a lot of accusations levelled at Iran for their nuclear program. But should not the world hear their Persian of the story before passing judgment??

There are rumours that “The Dennis Miller Show” on CNBC is close to being cancelled. CNBC, anxious not to see Mr. Miller unemployed, approached various other networks offering his talents, saying: “Dennis, anyone?”

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