Here are the results from the ‘Astronomy’ session held in the Punpal forums!

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Astronomy puns (vote for your faves in the comment box):

Pun Gent Pat:
According to the French, which planet is always late? Plus-tot!

How does a cowboy see in the dark? He uses a satellite.

When Newton was a young punk he discovered the Theory of Graffiti.

Loonar eclipse
: when a large seabird blocks out the sun.

Calvin from Edmonton:
Being the brightest star in the night sky is no laughing matter. It’s Sirius!

Q. Which star is composed entirely of insect secretions?
A. Betelgeuse.

Everyone remembers the Ford Pinto and the spectacular fires that resulted when it was rear-ended. But that’s nothing compared to the Super Nova.

Andrew from Dugald:
Why did the astronomer have so much trouble with his twin boys going wild at the beach and getting sunburnt? They were a real perihelions!

My Mercury can run rings around your Saturn ! This may be somewhat Ionic.

Marc from Toronto:
Two gods are in a contest. If the winner gets a Galaxy, what does the loser get?
The Constellation Prize!

What do you call an old donkey that’s fallen in a mud puddle?
A saggy, tarry ass!

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