Dear Pungents: next week I’m going to France on business, and I’d love a few puns to share with my Canadian colleagues about Paris while we’re there. Any ideas, you punning geniuses you? ~ Heather, Ottawa, Ontario


1) “The hotels in France are always booked! For example, one cannot enter the Paris Hilton, as it is always full. You can’t even go in and out of that place quickly just to look around. They should rename it the Paris Filled-inn.”

2) “I hear the French have a great figure skating team. They do especially well in the Paris events!”

3) “If General Custer had conquered France, they’d call it the Trifle tower!

4) “Does Sir Mix-a-Lot like French art? Yes – he likes to Louvre-it Louvre-it!

5) “How did they dig the foundations of the famous art gallery? With earth-louvres.”

6) “Why did bandits move to the south side of the Seine? Because they wanted to hole up the Left Bank.

7) “I hear lots of dogs visit the Arc du Tree-hump.

8) “Last time I brought my girlfriend to the chomp Elise some guy bit her (but she’s not bitter)!”

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