Dear Pun Gents,
I’m interested in opening an online store that sells stylish and chic jewelry, accessories, and apparel that one can wear both inside and outside the gym. I need a name that speaks to our core demographic – thirty-somethings who love all things fitness and fashion, who love sporting yoga pants in and out of class and pairing them with both fashion and athletic statement pieces. This demo typically shops at lululemon and participates in a variety of activities including running, crossfit, barre, and yoga. They spend money on workouts, trainers, really nice gym clothes, and experiences like races and yoga retreats.
~Ashley, Atlanta, GA
  1. Chic Your BonBon
  2. BootyLuscious
  3. Gyminy Cricket
  4. Perfect Fit
  5. Fits of Strength
  6. Baby, HIIT me one more time
  7. Mistress Yoga [as opposed to Master Yoda?]
  8. Chicktivate
  9. Chickivity
  10. Fash Forward
  11. Lulu’s Accent
  12. Gymini [rhymes with Gemini]
  13. The Gym and I
  14. Slim Gym
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