Here are the results from the ‘Ancient Greece’ session held in the new Punpal forums!

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Ancient Greece puns (vote for your faves in the comment box):

Pun Gent Rhain:
The ancient Greeks broke bread with the Indians at the Part the Naan.

Pun Gent Pat:
Who had the foulest mouth in ancient Greece? Sparta-cuss!
If the Alexander’s father wore a heavy weighted chained ball into battle would that make him Philip of mace don?
Who charged interest on borrowed hosiery? Soc rates.
Did one-legged prostitutes compete in the Holimpics?

Andrew from Dugald:
I always thought Greek swimmers wore Marathongs.

Calvin from Edmonton:
Which Greek goddess experimented with big hair in the 70’s? Afro-dite.
Why did Archimedes take a bath? Because his wife said, “You reek-a!

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