Dugald Super Blowout!

Andrew from Dugald, MB:
When a specialist in children’s medicine scores 3 goals for the hospital hockey team, does he become a doctor of pedi-hatrix?

A kindergarten teacher in Annapolis was fired for running his students through military style initiation rituals. He who hazes tots is tossed.

As a group, the physics professors who deal in chaos theory are the first to donate time and money to worthy causes – they are true philentropists. Next are the nuclear profs; they always have a Candu attitude and their motto is: “up and atom!”

A lonely princess wondered if she would ever find someone to rescue her from her high tower. Then one evening, she was getting a gown from her gilded wardrobe cabinet and she discovered a large salamander. “What have we here?” she said aloud. Imagine her surprise when the creature answered, “but, my Lady, I thought you needed a newt in shining armoire!”

What Jane Austen book deals with a poor English girl who faints whenever she goes to a Catholic church? “Incense and Insensibility

The textbook on how to play X’s and O’s including strategy on how to beat the clock is called: “Didactic Tic-Tac-Toe Tic-Toc Tactics

Andrew says “The last one’s just fun with words; tic-tac anyone?

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