Andrew from Dugald:

I kinda thought I could maybe put together the lårsbünt bookcase from IKEA, but I found out that I lacked the shelf confidence to do so.

Mike was installing venetian blinds with his brother and their respective spouses one day. The guys went for lunch and came back to find the ladies hopelessly entangled in the window treatments at the top of the frames. Phoning 911, they kind of laughed Mike off until he was forced to exclaim, “Don’t you realize that our wives hang in the valance!?”

I was exploring an old abandoned ice cream plant, when I was caught by the security guard they had on site. “Can’t you read the no trespassing signs?” he asked. “Don’t you know you can get hurt wandering around a dairy licked building?”

In all of history, its been found that the Protestants always beat the Catholics whenever their battles occurred at sea. The Protestants always had their fleet in motion which made them hard to pin down. Perhaps it had something to do with them not believing in idle warships.

When the OctoMom found out how many babies she was having, did she go into ovaload?

Why do window washers never work naked?
They use “streak free” glass cleaner.

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