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Which Kenyan city is mechanized? Nairobo

Why did the arsonist move to Egypt? Because he was a Cairo-maniac!

Which South American capital has the most ridiculous support undergarments? Brasillia

Is it good to be clean-shaven in Argentina? Not in Buenos Haires!

Who did the Chileans send to betray the Moor of Venice? They Santiago.

Where do Colombians ‘get down’? In Boog-otà!

I didn’t enjoy spending an extra year in the Peruvian capital – it was so anti-Limactic.

Is Ecuador a fair place? Yes, it’s eQuitoble.

Why do Syrians not suck up to George W.? Because that would be a dumbass-kiss.

Where do Iraqis tend to boast? In Braghdad!

How a Saudi inquires about a classified notice: “Riy your adh…”

I thought the guy from the small Arab country would be Bahrain, but actually he’s the Manama dreams!

The Carribean mafia has the Haitian royal family in its pocket – especially around PortoPrince.

Where in Bolivia are the raciest strip joints? Lap-ass.

Did ancient lizards once rule Persia? Yes, the fearsome Tehrannosaurs.

How does everyone react to stupidity in Algeria? They Al Giers.

How do you subdue an Israeli bandit? Jerusalem to the ground.

How to get to the Lebanese capital? Well since it’s on the water I’d just take the Bei rut.

The nonplussed food critic dismissed cuisine in the Libyan capital as “tripe, oily

Gender equality in the MidEast? Let me tell you – in the Kingdom of Jordan, a woman is a woman and Amman is Amman.

Albanians are fleeing the country, because their government is Tirana-cal.

Person1: My friends love to visit small European republics: Bob is in Liechtenstein, Ned’s in San Marino…
Person2: And Dora?

Should I buy a hatchback in the Armenian capital? Not if Yerevan person.

Person1: “Did you hear about terrorism cells in the Carribean Islands?”
Person2: “Bah – Hamas? That’s Nassau-ing to worry about.”

Shopping list in Belize: “Bell, Mop, Pan.”

Porto-Novo? I’ve never Benin a nicer town.

What do Burkina Fasans say to babies? “Ouagadougou!”

When Elmer Fudd was abandoned in the capital of the Central African Republic he became berry Bangui!

Tired of the conversation in most African cities? Then go to Ndjamena to have a nice Chad.

Brazzaville: ie answer to the question “After climbing the Empire State Building, where did Kongo?”

I arrived in the Comoros capital unable to speak a word of the language, and I left months later feeling just as Moroni-c!

I couldn’t get a job in the Venezuelan capital — my résumé just fell through the Caracas.

What do they eat for breakfast in St. Lucia? Assorted Castries.

Don’t drive in Senegal — you may get held up in Dakar.

What’s the nemesis of a Swaziland business student? Mba-bane.

Media experts say the conflict in Sudan is a product of Khartoum violence.

When Larry and Curly lost footwear in Somalia, they said to Moe “gad i shu?”

There’s no Honaria among thieves in the Solomon Islands.

Hockey star Sittler lost his processed meat in Tanzania. So be on the lookout for Darel’s Salaami.

The most popular movie in Morocco — ‘Who Framed Roger Rabat?’

Cinephiles in Palau love Koror pics.

What was the weapon of choice in 18th-century Oman? The Muscat.

I thought Paraguay was 100 percent French speaking, but I guess I shouldn’t make such a faulty Asuncion.

‘Iceman’ couldn’t take the heat in Nicaragua – he melted, and became ‘Man-agua’.

The best jokes about bakers are made in Qatar – they really know their Doha.

Flying pigs in Yemen? The In-Sana-ty!

All of the sudden a shark attacked me in Mali – talk about ‘BAM, Mako!’

Bestselling car in Lesotho? The Maseru-ti!

The most popular jazz artist in New Zealand? Duke Wellington.

Religious Ugandan families can send their kids to Kampallah.

Where do Tunisians get their online music? From iTunis.

The Rwandan ref had to stop the Rumble in the Jungle when Foreman tried to Kigali.

What sex manual do they use in the Ivory Coast? The Yama ssoukro.

I just couldn’t stop fishing in St. Christopher and Nevis — I was on a real Bass-terre!

During an aerial approach the capital of Western Samon just tends to Apia out of the clouds.

The political scandals in Zimbabwe — it’s just Hararibble.

In the fifties Zambian teenagers would often dance at a Lusakap.

Do they watch internet porn in Dijibouti?

The harbour in Trinidad and Tobago is quite dangerous – they’ve taken to calling it Port-of-Sprain.

If someone angers you in Guinea-Bissau, tell them to Bissauf.

Where does one find a lover in Surinam? In Paramouribo.

Stay with your friend Nick in Cyprus – specially if Nicosia.

Eritreans have spots on their butts — especially in As-mara.

Prof to student in Equatorial Guinea: “Come by ma-labo.”

Do you greet your friend with tongue in the Federated States of Micronesia? You do if you’re in Palikir.

What did Rocky scream to his true love when he was in the capital of the Western Sahara? “el-audrian!”

Which town in Kuwait postponed the revolution? Coup-wait city!

Why won’t Madagascar get Italian satellite TV? Because the Antenna n’arrivo.

How do Mozambique sugar daddies indicate their ‘biotches’? “Look, ma puto!”

If you don’t marinate your steak in the landlocked Italian Republic, it will be sans marino.

Fights broke out at the construction site of the great canal — there was a lot of panamacity.

Fidel asked in vain where the Rubix was – Each advisor just shrugged and said, “I Havana Cube.

Do Costa Rican women wear stockings? Not in Sans Hosé.

Where in Gabon are French books banned? In Libre vile.

West African country lyric: “Things were Accra-monious at the time/but I missed her when she was Ghana.”

In Fiji be sure to pick up a Suva-nir.

Did you get all the trading cards from the Central American Republic? Yes I Guatemala.

There’s no lack of New Guinean after-dinner wine in Port More-sby.

Saliva travels far in Namibia – especially in Wind-Hoerk.

Will I get action or no action in Mauritania? Nouakchoot.

In Angola they’ve invented a car that runs on the driver’s urine – It’s sold in Loo-Honda.

Did you take the shortcut to Malawi? No, Lilongwe!

Where do you find frozen Mexicans? In Mexicle City!

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