Dear Pun Gents, I am giving a talk at a university scholarship luncheon. There will be two speakers before me, one named Katia, and the other named Katherine. I am trying to come up with some sort of funny comment at the beginning of my presentation that includes a pun about the abundance of Kathrine/Katia/Katherine, or possibly the fact that there will be 3 speakers at this event whose names start with “Kat” (something like “It’s a veritable Kat-valanche” but better). I’ve fallen flat. Could you help me out? ~Kathrine, Salt Lake City, UT
  1. This many K’s in a row usually gets you arrested. Except in South Carolina!
  2. It’s a Katastrophe!
  3. If you had let us all speak at once we might have got Katty.
  4. I hope by the time I’m finished you won’t be Katatonic.
  5. If your name doesn’t start with K you’re just not Kat out for this luncheon.
  6. I saw a Kat burglar outside- he was K-sing the joint!
  7. I wasn’t expecting so much Kat-calling today.
  8. This lunch just shows that Kats like to have funds!
  9. Are they serving Kat food at this luncheon? Because I’m feline hungry.
  10. After those last two speakers, I’m speechless. Kat got your tongue?
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