Capital Cities – East Asia (+ ex-Soviet republics)! – Geography Puns

Where in Japan are they always high? In Tokeyo

Geographically ignorant Bangladeshis are like Bostonians lost in a parking lot – they’re always asking, “where’s Dacca?”

It’s funny they don’t eat beef in India – especially considering the size of their New Delhi.

Frontal nudity in Thailand? Not in Ban’kok.

Is the sky blackening over the Chinese capital? No but it’s beiging (Beijing).

What do you call a Mongolian who gets hit by a pitch? A yowlaan batur.

Which Indonesian city is avant-garde? Shock-arta.

Where in Malaysia did they hide the 101 dalmatians? In Cruella Lampur.

A Filipino’s dilemma: strawberry, chocolate, or Manila?

The Korean conflict is quite spiritual – because without the South, the Northerners have no Seoul.

In the North Korean capital do the older syndicates run the streets – or is it the pyoung ygangs?

What would Sri Lankans call legendary bluesman Diddley? They’d Colom Bo.

The phood in Phnom Penh? It’s Phnomenhal!

I need a thimphu before I can sew my bhutan.

Who explores caves in Myanmar? The Rangoonies!

The heat in Azerbaijan will Baku
Or, what Drago said to Rocky in Azerbaijan: “I will Baku.”

Some can’t stand all the tourists in the Vietnam capital. This is understandable, as they do tend to Hanoi.

Which personality dominates Taiwan? Taipei.

Which parties in Nepal feature both human and feline guests? The Kat-Man-Dos.

When does a Pakistani rely on his alpaca? When ‘is llama’s bad.

Turkemenistan’s a forgiving place – you can never Ashkhabad question.

Kazakh graduates generously donate to their Alma-Ata.

Kicked in the nuts in Krygyzstan? What is this – Bishkek or bash cock?

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