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Dear Pun Gents,
I am looking for a website domain name/blog name (eventually possible book name) that incorporates information about diet, food, fitness, weight loss, exercise, etc. I’ve thought of “Worth the Weight” (domain is taken) and “Fit for Fat” and would like to have some other positive ideas. “Gone to Waist,” “Formerly Fat,” “The Big Issue,” and “Battle of the Bulge” are a bit more negative, I want to focus on the positive successes & achievements. Some blogs I know of have “Beauty and the Bypass,” and “Enough Fluff.” Other terms include gastric bypass, weight loss surgery (WLS), health, nutrition, habits, calorie(s), yoga, feelings, boot camp, running, etc. Would love to have your input!
~Bec, SoCal
  1. Pound Zero
  2. If Looks Could Kilo
  3. Weight to Go
  4. Chubhub
  5. Hubba Chubba
  6. Highway to Health
  7. Sweat It Is
  8. The Sweatiest Thing
  9. Slim Chance
  10. Shed Happens
  11. Mass Shed Two Cents [Massachusetts?}
  12. The Mass Occurs
  13. Calorifornication
  14. Gastrict Dieting
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I’m getting too many sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. I might have the flax-seeding disease.

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