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40th annual O Henry Punoff in Austin Texas is May 13, 2017
The Pun Gents were honoured be judges and Punsters of the Year (POTY) recipients at the 40th Annual O. Henry Punoff world championships Saturday, May 13 in Austin!


See Pun Gent Pat's previous Punoff pun routines.

Puns tagged ‘snowmageddon’:


Best of #Snowmageddon Puns*:

  • CherSnowbyl
  • Apocalypse Snow
  • Snowsama bin Laden
  • snOMG
  • Snowtorious BIG
  • Blizzy Smalls
  • Queen EBlizzardbeth
  • SuperSnowva
  • Snovacaine
  • Snow J
  • Snowlocaust
  • Warning: This Weather Features Graphic Snowdity and Adult SituaFlaketions
  • Help Me, Snowbi Wan!
  • Snow Country for Old Men
  • Great Squall of China

*given recent snow-based hysteria, most of these are NOT Pun Gents Originals

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