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40th annual O Henry Punoff in Austin Texas is May 13, 2017
The Pun Gents were honoured be judges and Punsters of the Year (POTY) recipients at the 40th Annual O. Henry Punoff world championships Saturday, May 13 in Austin!


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Puns tagged ‘united kingdom’:



Dear Pun Gents, My brother and I are cycling nearly 1000 miles from John O’Groats to Lands End. We’re doing it for a mental health charity, but we both have a sense of humour. We’re not small, both above 6ft4, so there’s some visual comedy in seeing two massive doofus’s pedal a push bike. We really need a team name that covers it all off. ~Andy, Chester, UK


  1. United Kinkdom
  2. The Biclops
  3. The Cycle Ops
  4. One Thousand Miles Per Horror
  5. Distance Relatives
  6. Distant Relations
  7. The British Rural Family
  8. The Calf Lick Church
  9. Quad Erat Demonstrandum
  10. Derring Doofuses
  11. The Cy-clones [if you were twins]
  12. Men Tall Health
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Sign in a UK shop window: You Brexit EU bought it.

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In an issue of British national security, they had to call in a repairman to re-wind Big Ben. MI6 classified it as ‘clock in danger‘ operation.

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