Tree Puns

Tree puns are very poplar.

Hear about the superhero, ‘Wood-Man’? He had an alder ego – known as Spruce Wayne.

Which tree reproduces lustily? Cedar.

Does the captain of a wooden canoe take the elm?

Fir trees are always warm.

NED: My Asian friend and his midget sidekick also love trees…
ED: Who’s that – Wee Ping and Will Lo?

What did the vegetarian order at McDonald’s? SuMac.

Don’t climb a redwood – that counts as high treesin’.

Do embarrassed trees turn a shade of oakre?

Tree bien! Unbeleafable!

The jury in the deforestation case was sequoiastered.

The man who threw a Cabbage Patch toy at the spruce was accused of idolatry.

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