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40th annual O Henry Punoff in Austin Texas is May 13, 2017
The Pun Gents were honoured be judges and Punsters of the Year (POTY) recipients at the 40th Annual O. Henry Punoff world championships Saturday, May 13 in Austin!


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Puns tagged ‘emergency room’:


Dear Pun Gents,
we need pain medicine puns for a 5k. We are a team of emergency room staff. Our team name is the “painkillers” and we need individual names for shirts. ~Katie, Centreville, VA
  1. Aspirin’ Runner (aspiring)
  2. Anal Geezer (analgesia)
  3. Nocicery Evil (nociception)
  4. Pain My Dues
  5. Pain it Forward
  6. Paindemonium
  7. The Advillain
  8. The Big Hurt
  9. Ow! Capone
  10. MethaDon Corleone
  11. The Great Codeini [Houdini]
  12. CelebrexStreet Boys
  13. Darva
  14. Ty Leno [Jay Leno?]
  15. ASAtronaut
  16. The Aceto Men

    [General ER names]

  17. Public Anemia
  18. Kool CAT
  19. Electro Cardio Grandma
  20. Where’s WalDOA
  21. Done Like DNR
  22. Auntie EMs
  23. Pepe Dural
  24. First Degree Bernie
  25. Hemmor Reggie
  26. Poison IVey
  27. Meddy Vedder
  28. The Virgin MRI
  29. ODie
  30. Perry Cardial
  31. Sally Saline
  32. Shockille O’Neal
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