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40th annual O Henry Punoff in Austin Texas is May 13, 2017
The Pun Gents were honoured be judges and Punsters of the Year (POTY) recipients at the 40th Annual O. Henry Punoff world championships Saturday, May 13 in Austin!


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Puns tagged ‘computers’:


Jesus teaching his Father how to use a computer mouse: “Jehovah the cursor over the icon!”

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Linux users are like lepers: they all have open source. And strange CPUs tools.

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Dear Pun Gents,
I need a really clever name for my wifi network. If it helps, GW lives down the street from me. That’s all I got. Oh! I’ve read all the “top wifi names” articles, so please be original. Please be my funny! ~Erin, Dallas, TX


  1. Wified when you can cuddle
  2. Cuz I got Wi, cuz I got Fi
  3. WTFi
  4. I GET WEP
  5. Enter assward
  6. Enter pa’s wart
  7. Neithernet Port
  8. Do the DNSty
  9. MMMbps, ba duba dop
  10. Webbins of Mass Distraction
  11. Surfin’ Turf
  12. If you’re IP and you know it – enter pass.
  13. Keep it on the download
  14. You can use my wifi if I can suck the air out of your nose. [not a pun]
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